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WG3 info

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The Purpose of WG 3 is to inventory existing informatics competencies for health professional students and those in practice.





TICC Meeting Minutes 10_9_07.doc


Files and Documents


Here are some existing informatics competencies:


By Judy Warren from Quality and Safety Education in Nursing - this is the reference list that I began when working on the QSEN informatics competencies.


Informatics competencies bib.doc


By Lillian Wald, the mother of public health nursing

Informatics Competencies for Public Helath Professionals




InformCompet PH02.pdf 

Competencies search on the Internet - from Mary Zasada and Sarah Tupper:

Click on the document link below to access some of the internet searches that were done and their respective searches. 





TIGER NI Competencies_WG3_internetsearch.doc


 Competencies:  Self-Assessment.  The American Psyciatric Nurses Association, Vol. 10, No. 2, 61-66 (2004). 


Informatics competency self assessment.doc


Informatics Competencies Literature Search to date (from Lena Sorenson, 9/10/07)

This is another version of the competencies literature search.  Some of these/many are repeats from Judy Warren's file that was posted above.  I will try to review both files before our 9/20/07 meeting and delete duplicates.  I looked at CINAHL and Medline to search for informatics competencies and nursing informatics competencies.  Many of them deal with computer literacy competencies.



From IMIA/WG on Health and Medical Informatics Education

IMIA Recomm 2000.pdf


The second article is on "eHealth Literacy Skills" by Normann & Skinner (2006) in JMIR.   Although the intended focus is on consumers, this model incorporates many of the dimensions that we have talked about/model that combines computer competencies, information competencies, media competencies, etc. 



From Lisa R, this is the list of text books relating to informatics and most contain some recommended competencies:

Nursing Informatics Text Books.doc


From Lena, I wanted to upload the literature searches that we (Susan Jacobs and myself) conducted yesterday 10/8/07.  I have included the search strategy and how the resulting 288 citations came about.  I decided that it was most efficient to do the lit search this way than to try and put together the other lit searches that we have done in WG 2 & 3 since they each dealth  mostly with nursing and did not include other health professions.  This resulting lit search includes all health professionals and informatics competencies (see detail in file).  This huge file still needs further review [hopefully by the new eyes!] to get it down even further.



From Wanda Kelley, I'm attaching a spreadsheet with the results of the einvornmental scan of hospital use of informatics competencies.  It seems there is general confusion "out there" regarding what exactly are infromatics competencies.  Some people sent me the job descriptions for their informatics nurses, others sent me clinical information system education checklists for staff, and a few sent what we would truly be called an informatics competency.  Many respondents acknowledged the need for competencies and were very interested in the outcome of our work.  I directed them to the TIGER website to watch for the publication of our report next year. 

TIGER informatics competencies list.xls

A revised list from Wanda/Sarah Tupper: 

Competencies template 11.1.07_SRT additions.xls 

Final revision

Competencies, Real World 11.8.07.xls 



From Brian, re: ANA Nursing Informatics New Scope & Standards.

From: owner-caring@list.umaryland.edu [mailto:owner-caring@list.umaryland.edu] On Behalf Of Nancy Staggers

Sent: Sunday, October 07, 2007 10:50 AM

To: Sarah R. Tupper; Capital Area Roundtable on Informatics in NursinG

Subject: [CARING:12368] RE: New NI Scope & Standards


Hello All,


The ANA Congress voted unanimous approval of the Scope & Standards on Sep 30th.  The ANA is busy getting this into print and e-publication, targeting early Nov  for release (at the AMIA annual conference).


The differences between this edition and the previous one are substantial:


1.  Added a new construct to the metastructures (data, information, knowledge and now wisdom).

2.  Moved away from informatics positions to functional areas so that these are easily combined into unique positions. 

3.  Emphasized the integration of informatics with others within and external to nursing (rather than separating NI from others as before).

4.  Updated NI competencies integrated into a matrix with the functional areas.

5.  Expanded ethics for informatics.

6.  Showed the impact of NI on nursing through a new model of a continuum of NI

7.  Developed an extensive section on the future of NI.

8.  Differentiated informatics nurse specialists and informatics nurse through educational credentials.

9.  Telehealth nursing used as an example of how informatics will be integrated in all facets of nursing going forward.

10. Greatly expanded input about informatics from an expert panel of 27 informatics nurse specialists.


Hope this helps.


Nancy Staggers

Chair, NI Scope & Standards Expert Panel


American Psyciatric Nurses Association.  Essential for Psychiatric Nursing Practice


From Connie Delaney, additional work that was completed on this subject:

Informatics Competencies across curriculum.pdf

Informatics comptetencies four levels of practice.pdf

Information Literacy competencies specific skills.pdf

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