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Tiger Competencies info

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The Goal of the TIGER Informatics Competencies Collaborative (TICC) is to create comprehensive informatics competencies for all areas of nursing

Excellent efforts have been made in circumscribed areas within nursing to develop informatics competencies for nurses. Work still needs to be done in harmonizing existing competencies and setting competencies for areas of nursing where competencies do not yet exist.


The Objectives of the TICC are to: 

·        Harmonize and set informatics competencies for all levels of nursing education: nursing assistants, associate degree, diploma, undergraduate and graduate.

·        Harmonize and set informatics competencies for nursing practice.

·        Advocate for and support adding informatics competencies into nursing specialty certifications.

·        Include informatics competencies in the scope and standard statements (and like documents) of nursing specialties.

(Note: informatics competencies are to include information literacy and effective use of information resources.)


The Mission of the TICC is to deliver a document to TIGER internal and external customers by 7/1/08 that substantially achieves the goals and objectives of the collaborative.



The TICC met in July 2007 and established 3 working groups as follows:


o        Clarification of competencies within nursing and healthcare (WG 1 led by Brian Gugerty)
o        Inventory of existing information and resources (WG 2 led by Brian Gugerty)
o        Inventory existing informatics competencies for health professional students and those in practice (WG 3 led by Connie Delaney)
9 October 2007 - Work Group 1 has recommended the Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes competencey framework. Its work being done, it disbanded in September. WG 2 and WG3 are continuing their work together as there has been signifcant overlaps in their findings.

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