Draft Recommendations of the TIGER Informatics Competencies Team




The TIGER Informatics Competencies Team have organized and harmonized the informatics competencies into four primary categories:


1.  Basic Computer Competencies

2.  Information Literacy Competencies

3.  Information Management and Informatics Competencies

4.  Attitudes and Awareness Competencies 


The "Attitudes and Awareness" category of competencies is related to/integrated within the other three categoreis, and the team has created two graphical representations of this framework for further discussion and feedback from the other participating TIGER teams--Education, Staff Development and Leadership Development.



 Model provided by Wanda Kelley 2/15/2008


 Model provided by Wanda Kelley 2/15/2008

Model provided by Ann Coleman 3/7/2008 


Source File of all Numbered Competencies - DDulong 5/21/08




December draft:   Competencies10.doc


Basic computer competencies spreadsheet:  ECDL Sylabus V 5 Apply Points.xls