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NEW! 9 November 2010

Baseline Informatics Competencies for Nurse Managers: Nurse Manager Informatics Competencies.pdf

Contributed by Michael D. Hart, Arkansas Childrens's Hospital, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer


13 November, 2009

Speradsheet listing all recommended TIGER Informatics Competencies:  TIGER_Competency_Items2.xlsx

MANY thanks to Sunmoo Yoon, Columbia University Graduate Student, for helping TIGER create this spreadsheet


27 August, 2009

TIGER Informatics Competencies Collaborative Final Report:  TICC_Final.pdf



Draft Recommendations 


Computer Literacy 2_Examples.doc 




TIGER_Competencies_Summary_Report_information literacy dt (d1).doc 


Category Overview_awareness_SarahT.doc 





Tiger Competencies info contains information about the TIGER Informatics Competencies Collaborative (TICC).



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Competency Lists contains bare naked lists of relevant (broad definition of relevency here) competencies with sources cited.