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Competency Lists

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"Working document on perioperative nursing roles," AORN Journal 67 (January 1998) 4. RAMONA CONNER RN, MSN NURSING PRACTICE COMMITTEE STAFF CONSULTANT3  COPYRIGHT 1999 Association of operating Room Nurses, Inc. COPYRIGHT 2001 Gale Group

NI competencies used at Providence Health & Services, Oregon - initial focus in-patient, surgery & ED nurses. FYI, this is organized using Benner's levels of skill acquisition, a framework that is used at the health system for nursing position descriptions, performance appraisals, etc.  For each 'general' competency, work setting-specific behavioral evidence, systems and structures for acquiring the competency, and competency validation/evaluation have been identified. This application of Benner's levels is specific to informatics, so an expert clinician might be an informatics novice. The information literacy competencies are not yet included; the work group reconvenes tomorrow (10/22) and it's likely they'll be added. 

CombinedNICompetencies Core 101807.xls



Self assessment from Nursing Informatics Web site

Informatics competency self assessment.doc


Informatics Competencies for Public Health Professionals 2002

InformCompet PH02.pdf



Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education ALA 2000




 University of Minnesota Library & Information Competencies for the Nurse Practitioner Student:

Lib_Info Svcs Comp for NPs.doc 

AHIMA Assoc Degree Entry Level Competencies for American Health Inf. Mgmt Assn: 


AHIMA Bacc Degree Entry Level Competencies for AHIMA:

AHIMA Bacc_ Competencies.pdf



ACRL - information literacy competency standards for higher education. Web link: http://www.ala.org/ala/acrl/acrlstandards/informationliteracycompetency.cfm IS THIS A DUPLICATE TO #4 ABOVE?  NO: It is not a duplicate, but a more interactive web version.  And a more step by step version is here: http://www.acrl.org/ala/acrl/acrlissues/acrlinfolit/infolitstandards/stepbystep1/stepbystep.cfm

which provides even more context!


Canadian National Nursing Informatics - Discussion Paper  (found this online several years ago - do not believe it is available anymore) Identifies compentencies for clinical nurses, nurse researchers, nurse educators, and nurse managers.




American Nurses Association. (2001). Scope and standards of nursing informatics practice. Washington, D.C.: American Nurses Pub. ANA Informatics pages 24 25 26 27.doc


AORN Perioperative Care Coordinator Nurse Competency Statements:

 Perioperative Care Coordinator Nurse Competency Statements.doc

(Reference: "Working document on perioperative nursing roles," AORN Journal 67 (January 1998) 4.RAMONA CONNER RN, MSN NURSING PRACTICE COMMITTEE STAFF CONSULTANT3  COPYRIGHT 1999 Association of Operating Room Nurses, Inc.COPYRIGHT 2001 Gale Group).  Retrieved 12/20/07 from: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0FSL/is_4_70/ai_56640888/print




Nail Chiwetalu, B. J., & Ratner, N. B. (2006). Information literacy for speech-language pathologists: A key to evidence-based practice. Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools, 37(3), 157-167.   .nail chiwetalu.pdf



The following was replaced by Brian Gugerty on 10/24/07

Staggers, N., Gassert, C. A., & Curran, C. (2001). Informatics competencies for nurses at four levels of practice. Journal of Nursing Education, 40(7), 303-316.

With THE FINAL Staggers, Gassert and Curran work found on  http://www.nurs.utah.edu/programs/informatics/competencies/index.html:




Many thanks to Carole Gassert for alerting us to the final version


NOTE - Levels 3 and 4 of theInformatics Competencies for Nurses have been omited here because they are beyond the scope of the TICC's charge. 


Results of a Delphi Study to Determine Informatics Competencies for Nurses


at Four Levels of Practice

     The final master list of valid competencies for the four levels of nursing practice is as follows:

Level 1 Beginning Nurse
Computer Skills - Administration
  • Uses administrative applications for practice management (e.g., searches for patient, retrieves demographics, billing data)
  • Uses applications for structured data entry (e.g., patient acuity or classification applications)         

Computer Skills – Communication (email, internet, telecommunications)

  • Uses telecommunication devices (e.g., modems or other devices) to communicate with other systems (e.g., access data, upload, download)
  • Use e-mail (e.g., create, send, respond, use attachments)
  • Uses the Internet to locate, download items of interest (e.g., patient, nursing resources)

Computer Skills – Data access

  • Uses sources of data that relate to practice and care
  • Accesses, enters, and retrieves data used locally for patient care (e.g., uses HIS, CIS for plans of care, assessments, interventions, notes, discharge planning)
  • Uses database applications to enter and retrieve information
  • Conducts on-line literature searches

Computer Skills - Documentation

  • Uses an application to document patient care
  • Uses an application to plan care for patients to include discharge planning
  • Uses an application to enter patient data (e.g., vital signs

Computer Skills – Education

  • Uses information management technologies for patient education (e.g., identifies areas for instruction, conducts education, evaluates outcomes, resources)


Computer Skills-Monitoring

  • Uses computerized patient monitoring systems

Computer Skills – Basic Desktop Software

  • Uses multimedia presentations
  • Uses word processing

§         Demonstrates keyboarding (typing) skills


Computer Skills - Systems

  • Uses networks to navigate systems (e.g., file servers, www)
  • Operates peripheral devices (e.g., bedside terminals, hand-helds)
  • Uses operating systems (e.g., copy, delete, change directories)
  • Uses existing external peripheral devices (e.g., CD-ROMs, zip drives)
  • Uses computer technology safely
Level 1 Beginning Nurse, cont.

  • Is able to navigate Windows (e.g., manipulate files using file manager, determine active printer, access installed applications, create & delete directories)
  • Identifies the appropriate technology to capture the required patient data (e.g., fetal monitoring device)
  • Demonstrates basic technology skills (e.g., turn computer off & on, load paper, change toner, remove paper jams, print documents)


Informatics Knowledge – Data

  • Recognizes the use and/or importance of nursing data for improving practice


Informatics Knowledge - Impact

  • Recognizes that a computer program has limitations due to its design and capacity of the computer
  • Recognizes that it takes time, persistent effort, and skill for computers to become an effective tool
  • Recognizes that health computing will become more common
  • Recognizes that the computer is only a tool to provide better nursing care and that there are human functions that cannot be performed by computer
  • Recognizes that one does not have to be a computer programmer to make effective use of the computer in nursing

Informatics Knowledge – Privacy/security

  • Seeks available resources to help formulate ethical decisions in computing
  • Describes patients' rights as they pertain to computerized information management


Informatics Knowledge - Systems

  • Recognizes the value of clinicians' involvement in the design, selection, implementation, and evaluation of applications, systems in health care
  • Describes the computerized or manual paper system that is present
  • Explains the use of networks for electronic communication (e.g., Internet)
  • Identifies the basic components of the current computer system (e.g., features of a PC, workstation


Level 2 Experienced Nurse

Computer Skills - Administration

  • Uses administrative applications for forecasting
  • Uses administrative applications for budget
  • Uses applications to manage aggregated data
  • Uses administrative applications for staff scheduling
  • Uses administrative applications for maintaining employee records                

Computer Skills – Education

  • Uses applications to develop testing materials
  • Uses applications for curriculum planning                       
  • Evaluates CAI as a teaching tool


Computer Skills-data access       

  • Accesses shared data sets
  • Extracts data from clinical data sets
  • Extracts selected literature resources and integrates them to a personally usable file


Computer Skills-Monitoring

  • Applies monitoring system appropriately according to the data needed


Computer Skills-Quality improvement   

  • Uses data and statistical analyses to evaluate practice and perform quality improvement


Computer Skills-Research

  • Uses computer applications for statistical analysis and nursing research


Informatics Knowledge – Data    

  • Supports efforts toward development and use of a unified nursing language
  • Promotes the integrity of nursing information and access necessary for patient care within an integrated computer-based patient record
  • Provides for efficient data collection


Informatics Knowledge - Research

  • Describes general applications available for research


Informatics Knowledge - Impact

  • Defines the impact of computerized information management on the role of the nurse


Informatics Knowledge – Privacy/security

  • Discusses the principles of data integrity, professional ethics and legal requirements
  • Describes ways to protect data


Informatics Knowledge -Systems           

  • Describes general applications to support administration (e.g., staffing, budget)                 
  • Describes general applications, systems to support clinical care
  • Describes general applications to support nursing education                     
  • Discusses CAI as a teaching and learning tool

Level 2 Experienced Nurse, cont.


Informatics Skills - Evaluation

  • Assesses the accuracy of health information on the Internet
  • Assists patients to use databases to make informed decisions
Informatics Skills - Role
  • Participates in influencing the attitudes of other nurses toward computer use for nursing practice
  • As a clinician (nurse), participates in the selection process, design, implementation, and evaluation of systems
  • Acts as an advocate of system users including patients or clients
  • Markets self, system or application to others


Informatics Skills – Systems Maintenance

Performs basic trouble-shooting in applications



Educational Interventions and Outcomes Regarding IOM Competencies http://www.cemeasure.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=32&Itemid=69
Karen M. Overstreet, EdD, RPh, FACME, Kristi E. Eidsvoog, PhD, Robert F. Orsetti, MA, FACME, Jacqueline N. Parochka, EdD, FACME, Floyd C. Pennington, PhD, Jane Ruppenkamp, Journal of Outcomes Measurement in Continuing Healthcare Education. volume 1, issue 1.
Educational Interventions and Outcomes—A Literature Review of CME Regarding Institute of

Medicine (IOM) Competencies  http://www.cemeasure.com/media/journal/1-1/017-026.06-201.Overstreet%20Comp.pdf

 Stevens, K.R. (2006). National Consensus: Competencies for Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing. ACESTAR website, http://www.acestar.uthscsa.edu/  The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Competencies_Order_Form_Final-1.doc
Here is the compiled file for the "real world" competencies. On the competency worksheet, I did work on the formatting and added some columns to delineate what seemed to be common functional themes of the competencies (orders, sign on/log on, medication, allergies, security, vs and I&O). On the comments worksheet, I removed the names of the files in an attempt to distance the actual competency from the contributing organization. I added another worksheet to separately list the contributing organizations.  Thanks, Wanda   Competencies, Real World 11.8.07.xls
Updated competency lists per Denise Tyler 1/17/08:

Competencies, Real World 11(1).8.07.xls*****Sorry about the late posting to this page, but I just came across this competency list from AONE and I didn't find it posted anywhere else. The Information Management and Technology competencies are listed on pages 18 and 19 of the document. Thanks, Wanda  Nurse_Assessment_Tool.pdf

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